Podio is now part of Citrix

Three years ago, when Podio was just an idea and few early lines of code, our founders’ ambition was to change the way people work. We had experienced, firsthand, the way work tools were broken and how people had been disenfranchised from choosing the way they wanted to work.

Today, we want to welcome you to the next phase of the journey with us as we become a part of the Citrix family. The exciting news is that Citrix has acquired Podio and now we’ll continue, as one company, revolutionizing the human experience of getting work done at an even greater speed. See the official announcement here.

Podio was born out of the desire to give power back to the people doing the real work of companies. We wanted to design a platform that would empower people like you to build the tools you needed to get your work done, so you could work faster, better and more collaboratively with the people in your team. We wanted to build the work platform — something you could open in the morning and close in the evening; where you could manage all your work under one roof.

Citrix is an innovative company that makes a lot of products which already support the new ways people are working today. Importantly, Citrix has had the foresight to take real leaps forward with technology and in doing so, unflinchingly accept and respond to the sweeping changes taking place in workplaces all over the world. With a history of bringing new technologies to market, like GoToMeeting, GoToMyPC and Sharefile, Citrix has proven itself a trailblazer and a business leader for more than 20 years. Citrix and Podio share not just common values but a common vision for the future of work. It’s that inherent alignment in philosophy, which made this agreement possible.

When we launched Podio out of beta a year ago, you met us with excitement, applause and a genuine willingness to try something dramatically different from what had come before. A new way of working — that really worked! Since then, tens of thousands of organizations in 170 different countries have joined us on the journey towards the future of work. You’ve built thousands of your own apps, creating thousands of individualized ways to manage the unique work that you do. You’ve shown us how to use Podio in more ways than we could ever have dreamed up. You’ve also shown us that the world is ready for what Podio has to offer.

So, what’s the really obvious good news? Well, because Podio is now part of Citrix, we will have far more resources to draw on and a much bigger platform on which to build better work tools for everyone! While this is a really big step forward for Podio, you won’t notice any changes. After today, we’ll hush up about it and our teams in Copenhagen and San Francisco will continue building the world’s best work platform and delivering the world’s best support to you, our users who helped get us this far. We are excited to continue the Podio journey with you.

Jon Froda, Co-founder, Podio