Ask and it is given: Dropbox for Podio is here!


Ok friends, we know you’ve been waiting for this one; the hundreds of feature requests over the past few months tipped us off! Today, it’s with great pleasure that we release Dropbox for Podio — a better way to manage your Dropbox content within your Podio workflow.

For those of you who are still emailing yourself the files you need, Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily, via the cloud. If you’re not yet using Podio – you can also simply create your free account here.

Dropbox for Podio is our latest platform integration focused on content-sharing and works in the same way as our earlier product updates for Google Docs and Box.  Getting started couldn’t be easier; simply click the paperclip or ‘Add files’ icon anywhere you see it on Podio and click on Dropbox. You’ll then be able to enter your Dropbox log in details and connect your account to Podio — enabling you to:

  • Structure the work around your files by attaching them to app items, in the Podio Apps you use to execute projects and handle your workflows.
  • Share Dropbox files with your teams as part of statuses in your workspaces. You can also share them privately with messages.
  • Attach Dropbox files to tasks, for example to ask a colleague to review content you have stored in Dropbox.

What’s extra cool about this integration is that it also works on your Podio iPhone app. If you’ve connected your Podio and Dropbox accounts on the web, your Dropbox account will instantly run on your Podio iPhone app, but you can also connect your account directly from your phone with your Dropbox credentials. Try it now!

To find out just what kind of impact this nifty little integration would have on our users, we filmed a new video with Podio organization, Masanga, capturing the remarkable story of their humanitarian work in Sierra Leone. As an NGO, Masanga operates a hospital in the West African nation and has carried out more than 140,000 treatments the local community. Masanga uses Podio to co-ordinate all its operations, including managing its funding with a purpose-built Podio funding app. They also use Dropbox to store all their images, graphics, funding documentation, educational and promotional material.

Sure, we built a sweet Dropbox integration, but as you’ll see in this video, the real magic is in how it helps users like Masanga work better, faster and more collaboratively for the greater good. You can become a member and donate to Masanga here – Danish SiteUnited Kingdom Site.

Are you also a non-profit looking to improve your collaboration and workflows? Podio happily offers sponsorships and discounts – just fill in this short form to get in touch!