We Love Your Work: One Million Podio Apps Installed!

You did it. You installed ONE MILLION apps on Podio! What an incredible milestone for us as we close in on our first birthday and get ready to celebrate “back at the ranch” in Copenhagen this Friday. *On that note, if you’re interested in joining us at our one year party, we’re on the hunt for one special Podio fanatic to jet out to Denmark. Details here.

The last year has seriously rocketed along, punctuated by our public launch in San Francisco last March, our massive 19 country world tour, the release of our mobile apps, opening the doors on our glorious API, making Podio free for students, winning Best Business Startup at the Europas, translating Podio into seven languages and delivering platform integrations with Google, Box, Zendesk and others. It was enough to cause a lot of sleepless nights, sweaty palms, the mass consumption of caffeinated beverages, the odd eye twitch and a whole lot of this. We wouldn’t change a thing. What continues to drive our efforts is our faithful users; the thousands of teams who choose Podio to change how they work and transform the way they do business. Change is hard and that’s why we’re so grateful that our users take the leap with us, towards a better, brighter future of work.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled with Podio’s impact over the last year. Our momentum tells us that workers are embracing the opportunity to choose how they get their work done by building their own tools and structuring workflows in a highly individualized way.” ~ Tommy Ahlers, Podio CEO.

To mark the momentum we’ve experienced over the last 12 months, we’ve put together a visualization of how 40,000 companies in 170 countries all over the world are changing the way they work using Podio. These numbers are something we’re truly proud of and we’ll be the first to admit, you’ve impressed us with your Podio ferver and app fever (zing!). 

So far Podio users have built or modified more than 75,000 apps — representing as many unique ways of getting work done — and assembled 185,000 workspaces to collaborate with co-workers, clients, contractors and suppliers.

What more can we say but, we LOVE your work!