Podio integrates with Box for smarter collaboration

What do Lennon & McCartney, fish & chips, and Podio & Box have in common? They’re all matches made in collaboration heaven!

Today we’re launching a powerful new update to the Podio platform — Box for Podio — a smarter, easier way to share and collaborate around documents and files stored on Box.


Podio is used for all kinds of projects and business processes, from handling video production workflows to managing mergers and acquisitions. In every line of work, we know that sharing up-to-date content with the right people at the right time is critical. Box’s cloud-based content management platform has helped 100,000 businesses all over the world break free from the bad old days of files stored on hard drives, servers and FTP sites. Just like Podio, Box recognizes that work is changing and that work tools have to support virtual, mobile and social businesses.

Box for Podio makes it possible to access and share your Box files and folders anywhere in Podio – bringing together the best of cloud content management with the social, app-driven workflows you already know and love.

To get started, simply connect your Box account to Podio by clicking the paperclip, or ‘Add File’ icon anywhere you see it in Podio and you’ll be able to share a Box file or folder in seconds.

Sharing Box Files in Podio statuses and messages
Just want to share a Box file or folder with your team or client?  Write a status message in a workspace and attach the right content from Box. You can also share Box files privately by attaching them to messages you send on Podio.

Adding Box File to Podio Apps
With Podio, anyone can build a new app or modify an any app from the Podio App Store to get their job done. If you’re using a Podio app for managing sales and working on sales presentations stored on Box, now you can simply attach a presentation file from Box to a sales management app item in Podio, set a deadline, choose a status to indicate if it’s a draft or final version, and use comments for collaboration and discussion on Podio.

Adding Box Files to Podio Tasks
If you need someone’s feedback on a document stored on Box, simply create a task, assign it to your co-worker and attach the Box file to the task. Your co-worker will have access to the Box file and can add comments directly to the Podio task.

Get started in 30 seconds
You connect your Box account to Podio by clicking the paperclip, or ‘Add File’ icon anywhere you see it in Podio. If you’re not already using Podio – sign-up for free  – and you can get a free Box account here.

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