How non-profits use Podio to collaborate and make a difference

We are truly inspired by the more than 650 non-profit organizations worldwide, and their thousands of volunteers who use Podio to help accomplish their mission of improving the world, through helping others.

Today, we would like to showcase three of them for you and highlight the work they do. These organizations are dedicated to helping those who have had a few too many curve balls thrown their way. WaterWalla, OutYouth, and Bus52 work day in and day out, at helping those they reach out to, squeeze the lemonade out of the lemons this wild world has thrown them.

We want to share with you the stories of these organizations who have set out to make our world a better place- and the coolest thing is, we’re very honored to say they are using Podio to help make that happen! In our efforts to support the essential work of these organizations, we’ve launched a sponsorship program to provide them with free Podio.

WaterWalla – providing life’s most fundamental necessity to the poorest slums throughout India

WaterWalla provides…you guessed it- clean water. It’s also a double-edged sword in that water is the world’s greatest carrier of disease. This creates a multitude of issues, and aside from the obvious, these include unaffordable medical expenses and decreased school attendance due to illness. The unstoppable team founded in 2010 by five American College students, has created a sustainable solution to this crisis by turning clean water into a profitable enterprise.

Unable to penetrate the slum markets due to the threat of expensive entry costs and distrust toward larger companies motives, WaterWalla has overcome the hurdle of bringing clean water to Indian slums by engaging with local dwellers. Through working together and collaborating with local entrepreneurs, WaterWalla helps establish micro-enterprises to distribute inexpensive water-purification technologies from larger reliable companies.

It is through the empowerment of community members that WaterWalla has succeeded in creating a trusted network to distribute these technologies to tackle the growing crisis of deficits of clean water in urban Indian slums, without relying solely on donations. With a focus on innovation in technology, business and education, WaterWalla is not just providing solutions, but instead work together with local slum dwellers to create them.

According to Co-founder and Executive Advisor, Neil Parikh, Podio has helped WaterWalla to organize the 20 person team across two continents and various time zones so that they can effectively stay connected. Podio has been instrumental in managing their fundraising team, documenting all business developments, planning TEDx events, and hosting polls about different strategies!

You can learn more about these heroes, and how to help them improve even more lives here.

Bus52 – 1 bus, 1 year, 48 states and over 100 stories

Their slogan represents exactly what Bus52 has set out to do to remind and reconnect America to its roots of community, innovation and improvement. The Bus52 team are documenting the unique stories of the selfless leaders they meet along the way, who are dedicated to tackling community challenges through innovative initiatives. The end result is a patchwork of stories that will activate and inspire to lead others in compassionate community actions.

The team of five who are currently half way through their ride, aboard their 1984 refurbished school bus, “Stanley” use Podio to enable them to accomplish all their work, which can prove difficult at times when collaborating between a moving school bus and a research team an ocean away.

But the Director and coordinator of Bus52, Robert Gelb told us how Podio has made this possible. While the team is on the road, checking in on the mobile app helps keep them connected with their research team in the UK who are always busily adding new story ideas. The ability to modify apps has been critical to the team, and given the hefty amount of research that goes in to finding the best story subjects for the team to profile, Gelb adds that “Podio allows us to easily sort by state, contact info, etc, so we are always in the know about what is coming up.”

In compiling a wicked group of dedicated members, they have used Podio webforms for applications for their ground team andinterns.

A webform on their site lets people suggest cool stories that get filtered into their Public Tips app so the team won’t miss any amazing opportunities along their ride. If you know of any cool stories drop them a tip here.

Here you can learn more about Bus52, and how to help these awesome young people make it through the rest of their journey

Out Youth – vital, life-saving support for youth in Texas

OutYouth is a support centre that provides services and hosts events for youth of all sexual orientations and gender identities throughout Texas. They have been a vital and in some cases life-saving support for many youth of Austin, Texas. After a visiting group of senior college students were turned down by the majority of Texan schools in helping to build a gay-Straight Alliance for their students, it might be said that the state is not the most tolerant toward homosexuality. Which is why Out Youth is now celebrating 21 successful years of helping Texas youth and their allies build a strong, supportive network to get ahead in life.

OutYouth has set up many unique and interactive programs and events such as their Digital Storytelling Project. This was designed to help youth produce an innovative and creative means of sharing their story through creating a video of themselves in different locations throughout their community. The youth are empowered by learning more about video technology through teamwork, to produce a valuable resource. This helps the community’s development of dialogue and education to promote greater acceptance of diversity.

Jake from OutYouth says that Podio has been an asset to the organization by helping to streamline the challenges of volunteer coordination and recruitment. They are overhauling their extensive use of email entirely with Podio, so that all volunteers can stay up to date on all activity, and projects and deliverables are better organized so the workload is shared. Click here to learn more about how to donate or volunteer for OutYouth.

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