Google Docs for Podio: Bringing your Documents to Life

Often projects revolve around documents, but not just documents on your desktop. A lot of companies on Podio also use Google Docs to create online spreadsheets, presentations, and documents that can be accessed anywhere, shared, and even edited by the entire team… at the same time.

It’s no surprise then that combining Google Docs with projects and workflows in Podio has been a popular request. That’s why today we are releasing Google Docs for Podio – to give you an even better experience of working the way you want, around all types of documents. We’re so excited about this and we hope you will love it too.

Google Docs in Podio Apps
In Podio anyone can build an app to suit their needs.  So, say you have an app for managing project deliverables, and one of your deliverables is a product presentation that you’re working on in Google Docs; now you can simply attach it to the app item in Podio, set a deadline, choose a status to indicate if it’s a draft or final, and use comments for in-context and structured discussions around the deliverable.

Google Docs and Podio Tasks
If you need a review for a doc you’re working on, simply create a task, assign it to a co-worker and attach the Google Doc. They’ll then get access to the doc to review it and can give you feedback with comments on the task.

Google Docs in statuses and messages
Just want to share a Google Doc with your co-workers?  Write a status message in a workspace and attach the Google Doc. You can also share Google Docs privately by attaching them to messages you send on Podio.

Get started in 30 seconds
If you’re not already using Podio – sign-up here – it’s free.

Attaching Google Docs works in the same way as uploading any file from your computer to Podio.  Click the paperclip, or ‘Add files’ icon anywhere you see it, select Google Docs, and connect your Podio account to your Google account (you only have to connect your account this first time), then you’re ready to pick the docs and files you want to share in Podio.

Google Docs for Podio works with any Google account; both Gmail and Google Apps.  If you create a private Google Doc and then share it with someone on Podio, a secret link is generated for them to access the document.

Need a hand? Check out our getting started video below.