Podio speaks your language

We’re excited to announce that Podio is now available in seven languages on the web, and on our mobile apps for iPhone and Android — Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Danish and English!

Collaboration with colleagues in other countries, with clients, partners, and even suppliers should be easier, that’s a large part of why we built Podio in the first place!  Podio users in more than 170 countries reflects this, and show the importance of making Podio available in new languages.

Got co-workers and friends speaking different languages?

Want to work with them on Podio?  We’ve made blog posts with videos in all the languages we support for you to share with them. Just choose from the languages in the list, and share that post with them:

Changing languages in Podio

To use Podio in a different language on the web, simply click on ‘My Account’ in the top right corner of Podio, followed by ‘Account Settings’.  From here you can pick your language of choice.

The language setting of the Podio mobile app for iPhone and Android is linked to the language setting of your phone.  So, if your phone is set to work in Spanish, for example, you will get the Podio mobile app in Spanish.