Looking for a Master of Structure

If you know exactly what you spent on clothes in May 2011 and have a detailed forecast for your food expenses in 2012 then you might have some qualities we are looking for. If you at the same time can thrive in a chaotic environment and have the drive and will to add structure, we think you should consider coming and working for us.

We are growing fast at Podio and we need to have someone that keep our house in order while we are out changing the way people work. We are therefore looking for a Manager of Finance & Operations to join the team. The role is broad and we are looking for someone with a sound experience from accounting/finance that also have been involved in other administrative functions and is used to think strategically.

This is a unique chance you to be part of building and growing one of the most exciting tech companies. You will get to see it all and expected to play your part in making this a success. This will include

  • Be ahead of everyone else by knowing what we will spend and earn next month, next quarter, and next year (this is called a budget – hopefully you knew that)
  • Know exactly what costs and sales we had last month and write it down (this is normally referred to as accounting). You will be working together with our outsourced book keeping partner in doing this.
  • Figure out how the business is performing on a daily/weekly basis by organizing and driving analysis of most important metrics
  • Think about the next big steps for the business by taking part in strategic discussions in the management team and drive some of the initiatives around this
  • Make sure that all the parts of the business works smoothly by introducing a bit of process and structures.
  • Be a jack of all trades by doing HR, overall administration, and legal
  • Getting your hands dirty as you will be doing everything from preparing board material and driving strategic projects to making sure that all the practicalities in our offices works well

This could be quite a mouthful and we therefore expect that your preparation for the role has looked something like this:

  • Strong experience from finance or accounting that enable you to understand all the major elements and processes. But you don’t need how VAT on trains in Germany is treated under Danish VAT-legislation.
  • A master degree in Excel that you have obtained by the numerous financial/operating models you have built from scratch
  • A comment (written/oral) from at least two bosses saying that you should mind your own business (whatever that was at the time) and not get involved in strategic direction of the business
  • A reputation in your previous jobs that you were the one that could make things happen with your structure and your can-do-attitude
  • A natural interest in understanding how all parts of the business works that have enabled you to outsmart HR, legal, and the janitor on several occasions
  • A clear memory of the moment you got your first PC/Mac as you always have had some kind of fascination for technology
  • A notebook (or a couple of paper napkins) full of ideas on how to change the way people work because you share our passion for the future of work

We know you are out there and might be bored in your current job. Or think that you have proven what you should. This job will never be boring and have almost no barriers in terms of how far it can take you.

We don’t expect you to be impressed what we will be paying you – but we think you will want to join anyhow as the opportunities and the passion around here is unique. The role is based in Copenhagen – and some travel is expected.

Let’s talk. Go here to apply or write Tommy Ahlers on ahlers@podio.com if you have any questions.