You did it! Podio, voted best business startup in Europe!

Yesterday in London we won the Europas, the award for best business and enterprise startup in Europe. While we’re excited about winning, the true reason, we think, should be found in the mission we are on with our users to change the way we work.

The BBC called Podio a “citizen developer movement”, we call it the future of work. And, we’re proud to see that the tech community in Europe believe it’s the future too. We won the Europas by empowering people to build their own work tool – one app at a time.

The award winning Podio team with the Europas trophy (some team members transported from San Francisco via Photoshop)

Empowering users.

We started Podio because we experienced first hand how work was broken. The tools we used were not built for the modern workplace. They were built to maintain rigid organizational hierarchies rather than help us get work done easier or faster. They relied on emails and documents, but worst of all they were not transparent and didn’t empower or inspire us to do a better job. We started Podio to change that.

The future of work is now.

Recently we passed 40.000 organizations who signed up for Podio to take control of their work, and as you are reading this a new work app is added by a Podio user. We passed 200.000 work apps added or modified by real experts: experts like you and me, with no technical skills, and no particular interest in software. Have a look at the hundreds of user generated apps shared in the Podio App Store.

It looks like work is finally being fixed. The change was noticed by the European startup community,  – thanks to everyone who voted for us and the jury for pointing at Podio among the finalists.

Creating tomorrow.

With the amazing Podio team, in Copenhagen and San Francisco, we will keep working on empowering employees around the world to build their own apps to structure work in a tool that’s more social and rich than plain documents and cc’ed emails. Without the bottlenecks and rigid structures of internal IT.

We are proud and happy for the recognition of something we truly believe can change how we all get work done. We are part of a movement to bring back the power to manage work to the people who do the job. Why should processes, tools and workflows be modelled by IT?