Podio's free university program

We talk a lot about the “future of work” here at Podio, but the real future of work isn’t about technology– its about the future of the 40 million university students around the globe. Today, we’re thrilled to announce a program to help these students be more productive as they finish their studies and enter the workforce.

We’re making Podio freely available to all students around the world.  Any student can visit students.podio.com, enter their university email address, and get started using Podio’s work platform to organize their studies, collaborate with classmates, and complete group projects.

Your tool matters

We are making this investment in higher education for one simple reason: Your tool matters.  (Your work tools, of course!).  An important goal of a university education is to prepare students for a career of productive work– this is where we learn the most about how to work effectively in teams. University is where we should learn that there’s a better way to get things done than organizing ourselves through email.

Students have already led the rest of the world in moving from email to Facebook to have fun connecting with others. Now, its time for students to lead the way in using that same type of social technology to be productive and get things done.

And students need this sort of investment in their future. Unemployment among recent university graduates is above 20% in most regions, and tuition and fees are higher than ever.

A work platform for the rest of us

It used to be that purpose-built productivity applications were only available to big companies, enabled through massive investments in software and implementation projects.  Tools like Podio represent a radical democratization in enabling productivity– now anyone can create an app that helps get done what needs to get done.

Our master plan in making this investment in higher education is to seed our next generation of workers with a new set of work tools that they can’t live without.  Today’s students will bring these tools into the workplace because they can’t imagine going back to collaborating through email attachments and spreadsheets, or using the clunky business applications that IT makes available to them.

Now that’s the future of work.

We’re excited to launch this program for university programs. Students at more than 350 universities are using Podio already, including some of the case studies below. We look forward to sharing more about how students around the world are using Podio to get things done.

Get started today: