AIESEC, the world's largest student organisation on Podio

AIESEC is a 60 year old student run organisation with over 50’000 current members and 800’000 alumni. AIESEC aims to develop students and recent graduates into leaders through running and participating in an international exchange program.

Podio is proud to sponsor AIESEC, giving them one platform to co-ordinate their programs and manage projects.

AIESEC Seattle were quick to share the apps they’d built on Podio to manage their communications projects, HR, finances, and exchange programs. Now any AIESEC chapter can go to the free Podio App Market and find apps designed to suit their work flows, all of which can be modified to suit exactly how that chapter works.

AIESEC Seattle’s VP of Marketing, Helen Aprikyan explains that Podio solves the problems of sustainability and transparency at AIESEC.

“Before Podio people in one team had no idea what was going on in another, and there would be constant clashes in communication and projects. Also, once one year’s student graduated they would take half the data and knowledge with them.

“But now with Podio any team member can easily go online, look at another space and see what’s going on in other teams. Everything is centrally stored and easily accessible for today, tomorrow and five years down the road.”

Watch the video above from the beautiful campus at University of Washington, Seattle to find our more about AIESEC and how they collaborate on Podio.