Put your Podio apps on your iPhone, be productive on the go!

It’s been fantastic to see how many of you have been managing your activities, tasks, and inbox on the go with the Podio’s mobile apps. Today, we are excited to launch a new iPhone application that puts your Podio apps, items and work spaces right onto your mobile. As of today, any of your existing Podio apps will work on the iPhone, for you and your colleagues to use while out and about. I think it’s safe to say that Podio is now the easiest way to create mobile apps to get your work done.

We encourage you to try it out with your existing apps, or create a new app at podio.com just for your mobile device.  And while you’re at it, please help us out and leave your review in the Apple App Store… we’d appreciate it!

Build your own work app for the mobile

Podio set out to empower you to manage your work and processes in an easy and efficient way. If you use Podio you probably also use some apps, these are the core of getting work done on Podio. In fact, our users have built or modified more than 20,000 work apps since our launch in March 2011.  Now, all of these apps are now available on the iPhone to support mobile productivity.  Here’s an example:

Here is what you can do with the new iPhone application

  • Customize your Podio mobile home-screen with all your favorite apps and spaces
  • Create and edit app items from your iPhone for everyone to work on
  • Put photos and video directly into your app items
  • Quickly find what you’re work on: for example, use app filters to only see projects that are overdue

We’ve already seen customers looking to use mobile apps for reporting expenses, managing sales, taking field notes, spotting trends, and tracking bugs. Have a different use-case?  Just create your own app– no technical skills required.  And then leave a comment, we would love to hear it.