Getting your data in and out of your apps

Podio makes it simple for you to create an app to work the way you want to. But we also recognise that many of you have a lot of existing data contained in spreadsheets. We launched a new feature today that allows you to easily import that data into an app, and start working more socially.

Just hit the “Excel import” on the sidebar of any app, upload your spreadsheet, and choose where you want your columns to go. We’ll then crunch away and create everything for you. I just created a app to manage and share our tech journalist contacts with the marketing team.

If you want to import data on a regular basis, just mark a column as unique and we’ll update it in Podio without creating duplicates.

Of course, you can also get your data back out too in one click. We also respect any filters you’ve set up, so if you want to pull back only the UK journalist list, filter your app and then click export.

If you’d like to attend a webinar around Excel and Podio with our very own Norwegian guru Christian Blomberg, register here.

Here’s a short video demoing exactly how it works – let us know what you think.