The world's first App Store for work processes

At Podio we’re often asked questions about the concept of the App Store: Are the apps free? How are they built? Who creates the apps there? Who supports them? Why share apps in the App Store?

Apps are free
Firstly, and most importantly, yes, the apps are free, all of them. Every app that is in the Podio App Store is free, and there are no limits on the amount of apps you can get from the store.

Apps are built in the Podio App Builder
All the apps are built using Podio’s App Builder. Think of the App Builder as a big box of Lego, but here, the building blocks represent all kinds of features that make up work processes. With Lego, the things you can build are pretty much only limited by your imagination, and it’s kind of similar here. The challenge of building a Podio App is simply to visualize your work process, and what you use to get your work done, then to replicate this with the different building blocks. See how easy it is to get started with the app builder here.

Everyone can build apps so experts build them all
What’s also very important to note, is that absolutely no technical or programing skills are needed to use the Podio App Builder to create your own work tools. The people that have built the apps are specialist in what the app is for; they are not software developers building something for another industry. For example, if you see an app for marketing then someone in the marketing industry, not a developer, will most likely have build it. There are some apps built by developers, the apps for software development

Apps are modified to fit the way you work
Podio’s users from all over the globe have created the vast majority of apps in the store, coming from all number of different industries and business functions. There are also some apps submitted by Podio team members that we have built for our work and then shared. As every app in the store is built using the building blocks in the Podio App Builder, Podio supports them all. Once you get an app from the store and wish to change it to fit your work exactly, go to the app and click the ‘Modify app’ button in the top right corner.

Making changes to an app you get from the store does not effect the app in the store, and if you make many changes, for example, to make it suitable for another industry than which it was first designed, you could then share your version in the App Store too. You can write to the person who shared the app by commenting on the app or app-pack in the App Store, they will then be notified in their Podio inbox, as will you when they reply.

If you would like to make changes to the app that aren’t possible by modifying the app in the App Builder, then please write to us. You can do this by clicking Help & Support at the bottom of each page in Podio, and then selecting Ideas for Podio. We can then let you know if this is something we can do, or are planning, and we’re always very grateful for suggestions. For example, in the App Builder it was once not possible to import data from Excel to Podio, however we have now added this option to all Podio Apps; find out how to do so here.

The concept of sharing works two ways: For those organizations that share apps in the App Store, their Organization App Store Profile is shared with them. This is a great way to market your company to tens of thousands of Podio users, especially if you create an app that a potential new customer then uses.

Every time someone shares an app in the store it improves Podio for everyone, as it’s another example of the innumerable ways Podio can be used. For example, you may be using Podio for sales and so you’ve created a CRM app and shared it to the store. Then perhaps one day your design team decides they want to use Podio too, and so they head to the App Store and discover there are already some great design apps there. Meanwhile, on the other side of town, the design department of another company that built those apps decides they want to use Podio for sales…

Become an app builder now
So, if you’re new to Podio, or perhaps just new to app building, check out the App Store for inspiration and to find new work tools. Have a play with the App Builder to create a new app or to modify an existing one. Then, if you want to publish the app, take the opportunity for your company to be featured in the App Store. Once you’re happy with your app and it works for you; share your app and your company’s profile with a world of Podio users.

To see how easy it is to build your own apps in Podio check out the video below. And, for a look at how Podio apps are changing the way companies work, head to the App Stories category on this blog.