Future Of Work, NYC: Jennifer Magnolfi, Marcia Conner, And Valeria Maltoni

I am excited to announce that Valeria Maltoni, Marcia Conner, and Jennifer Magnolfi will be joining me in New York next week, on June 2nd, for the inaugural session of the Future Of Work series.

Jennifer Magnolfi is a pioneer in the disruptive field of ‘programmable environments’, where the physical environment is instrumented to make it more productive, sustainable, and more integrated with digital artifacts of business. Jennifer is co-author of ‘Always Building: the Programmable Environment’, published by Herman Miller in 2008, where she is a lead architect. Among her other accolades and honors, Jennifer was recently selected by Fast Company as one of the innovators in their Generation Change project.

Valeria Maltoni is a leading voice in new marketing, with deep experience in brand strategy and the role of technology in marketing. She is well-known for her writings at Conversation Agent. Valeria built one of the first online communities, in collaboration with Fact Company magazine, and her recent work has been around social strategy and its application in the enterprise. Valeria is a highly sought-after speaker and advisor, in the US and abroad.

A 20-year veteran of the enterprise market, Marcia Conner is a Fellow of the Altimeter Group and at the Darden School of Business, founder of the popular Twitter #lrnchat, and has written the “Learning at all Levels” column for Fast Company magazine since 2004. Marcia is the co- author of The New Social Learning: A Guide to Transforming Organizations Through Social Media, which  addresses modern organizational challenges such as widely dispersed employees and striking differences in work styles, particularly across generations.

I have revised the planned session, to better take advantage of the backgrounds and focus of my participants

Turning Work Inside Out? – Social media’s impact on the world of business has been major, and has in some ways turned business inside out: opening up to customers and adopting social media has started to move business away from mass marketing, and people’s adoption of these has led to a defection from mass identity, and mass markets. As our work becomes more social, more mobile, and increasingly channeled through mobile, social ‘work media’, what is the relationship between workers and business? What will ‘workplace’ and ‘at work’ mean when people work in many locations and increasingly lose the distinction between work and leisure time? How can business rethink the workplace in light of the primacy of social network-based communication and collaboration?

I am looking forward to speaking with Valeria, Marcia, and Jennifer, and kicking off a great series.

The Future of Work conversation will be followed by drinks and party. More info and sign-up here.