New Feature: Say Hello to Audio, Video, Podio

The wait is over: Audio, Video, Podio is available now for everyone  – and it comes at no additional cost whether you’re using the free version of Podio or Podio Premium!

No longer do you need to leave your projects and workflows in Podio to have a face-to-face discussion about what you’re working on. Video call anyone you work with, right from within Podio – no need to log in elsewhere or launch a separate application.

Want to call someone that’s not on Podio yet? That’s simple, too. Just hit “M” on your keyboard and enter his or her email address. Write them a message to say what the call is about and hit Send.

If you’re not on Podio yet, sign up free and invite your team to get started today.


Back in May we launched Podio Chat, bringing real-time instant messaging into Podio for the first time. Now Podio Chat gets a massive upgrade with the addition of video chat and audio chat.

How often do you find yourself problem solving or discussing details before thinking: “Why don’t I just call?”

Things often become so much simpler when you talk face to face – and now, everyone you work with is just a click away. Here’s how:

AVP Steps

You now have more choice than ever when communicating with your team:

We hope today’s release will help you feel more connected to your team – wherever they work – and enable you to build closer, more rewarding relationships with the clients you interact with on Podio.

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